Bioenergy Applications

Bioenergy is conversion of biomass resources such as agricultural and forest residues, organic municipal waste and energy crops to useful energy carriers including heat, electricity and transport fuels. Biomass is increasingly being used for modern applications such as dendro-power, co-generation and Combined Heat and Power generation (CHP). Depending on the resource availability and technical, economic and environmental impact, these can be attractive alternatives to fossil fuel based applications. Bioenergy, a renewable energy resource particularly suitable for electricity, heating & cooling in transport, will be at the core of this sectorial shift in renewable energy production and use and is expected to become the dominant form of RES before 2020.

Track 10.1: Bioenergy for Agricultural Production

Track 10.2: Photo bioreactors

Track 10.3: Energy in biomass

Track 10.4: Microbial Electrochemical Cells

Track 10.5: Trending Research from Biomass

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