Biomass Energy Resources

Agricultural biomass which could be pre-owned for energy production is defined as biomass residues from field agricultural crops and biomass from the concomitant of the processing of agricultural products. In the last decade, the demand for energy wood in Europe increased and experts anticipate a further increase in future due to socio-political changes. The largest renewable propellant used in Europe is wood which can be used in non-identical forms from sticks to pellets to sawdust. In some countries, like Poland and Finland, wood meets more than 80% of renewable-energy demand. Europe consumed 13m tonnes of wood pellets in 2012, corresponding to International wood Markets Group, a Canadian company.

Track 6.1: Biomass from Animal Matter

Track 6.2: Biomass from Organic Waste

Track 6.3: Biomass from Agricultural Residues

Track 6.4: Sugar Pellets

Track 6.5: Industrial Wastes and Co-Products

Track 6.5: Energy Wood in Europe and other Countries

Track 6.6: Biomass from Forest Residues

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